The purpose of this image is to show the two fighting toys being the exact same not by their tone but their parts are the same. this shows the pointlessness of fighting each other while we are all the same.

The purpose of the image below is to show the person putting on a difference mask of ones self in public "putting a smile on" for others of the world this image is to show the real side because you'll never know what is going.

plan for embracing

photo 1
concept: dyslexia  white board or piece of paper  I will need a ring light a table of sorts my normal lenses  photo shop I will use levels and saturation to edited the photo this will be inside during a block or normal class
photo 2  concept race models: darron, tyler  they will be wearing  football uniforms  just pads and uniforms  a light and extension cord  I would just show the color of the pads so I would use a mask and paint brush tool to paint the color back into the photo. it'll be either in or outside it depend on peoples time

photo three
concept difference
the two boxing robots that toy game
one throwing hands the other blocking even though their different they are the same in a way if I take the colors away in photo shop.

embracing our differences

1. the area of Manatee and Sarasota have gone through the news as a divided area from racist homecoming signs to near a race war in downtown Bradenton. for an area that's so diverse, we have a tension of racism that has to be addressed because when it comes down the bones we are all the same. My other concept of disabilities touches home with me because of the place I used to work with disabled kids and play soccer with them having fun. this is why people must realize emotionally they are the same their physical difference doesn't define them it just a part of them as our hair color is to us. making it an important issue.

1. a piece of paper with a sentence half of the sentence is readable the other half is all mixed around the words are not readable this is to show the disability that kids with dyslexia go through
my main one ^

2.  different types of shoes, different colors all shoes though demonstrating the idea of race unity and human unity

3. bullying and the golden rule t…



surreal world


article review the eye of Paris

I chose the article because I think capturing people in the real world is cool. the photographer went to brothels, bars, music clubs to capture people in their every day lives. Paris in 1930's was a place of drinking wine and partying and when one consumes alcohol most often they show their true colors. the artist also found that the life outside the studio was much more fun and on the fly than excepted.


Jean Arp

1. When and where was the artist born? Include the artist date of death if applicable. Born September 16, 1886, Strasbourg, France died June 7, 1966, Basel, Switzerland
2. In what country/s did the artist spend most of his or her time creating art? Paris, France/Meudon, France.

3. This artist was famous for what style of art? For example: Impressionism, surrealism, realism He was considered versatile  -Dada  -Modern  -surrealism  
4. What style and in what medium (paint, sculpture, watercolor, etc.) was the art created in? sculpture, paint, poems he was very artistic 

5. Why was this artist important in art history? he was the first to bridge surrealism and sculpting 

6. What are 3 interesting or unusual facts about this artist? - he composed songs  - has three foundations in Europe  - had TWO different wives 
This should be done by the end of the class. If you need more time you can complete this at home or during study hall. Be sure that it is posted to your blog before Wedne…